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Founded in 2014 in our optician located in a small city south of Alicante, Adelita Lunettes® was born with the aim of creating great designs at affordable prices. Our purpose is to carefully design our frames so that you can enjoy your pair of glasses as a true luxury product. Shapes, colors and materials to be able to find your style, be fashionable and feel comfortable with who you are.

Adela and María shape Adelita Lunettes. The union of a mother, a graduate in Optics and Optometry with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and a daughter, a CAV graduate and specialized in Advertising Photography have made Adelita Lunettes a brand that continually adapts to the changing flow that It represents the world of fashion and optics, creating innovative and at the same time classic collections, without ever losing the #Adelitas seal that characterizes us or the quality that we can guarantee as optics.